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$duh coin

supply =
one billion $duh

no taxes
no allocations

100% duh community

base chain ca: 0x8011eef8FC855Df1c4f421443f306E19818e60D3

lp tokens locked for 69 yrs

duhmasses are coming to base chain           duhmasses are coming to base chain          duhmasses are coming to base chain

duh muvie
numbr 1...

duh muvie
numbr 2...

music video recap ting...

duh muvie
numbr 3

don't over tink it

a no coiner eatin at panera bread overhears jym kramer 

on duh tv talkin bout bitcorns. dey download coinbase...

but dey can't buy duh full bitcorn so dey scroll down and tink...

wait, wat if $duh coin go to $1... or even just .50¢

duh plan = duh club

hodl til a bottle full a bub

how buy $duh?

hi, u want to buy duh. dat gud! here how:


if u have already have eth on base chain use duh uniswap weth/duh -


if you no have eth on base chain u can either:

1. bridge eth over to base chain 


or... mayb bettor - 


2. buy eth on coinbase and send to coinbase wallet or metamask directly on base chain for less den 1 cent 


den you use duh uniswap link. ok, tanks fer support!

** in uniswap if coin no come up from link right away. paste duh contract address in -0x8011eef8FC855Df1c4f421443f306E19818e60D3

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